In search of Sir Charles

303 years after the death of Sir Charles Hedges, David Hedges of West Linn, Oregon, and his son, Andrew, went in search of an answer to the question of whether the Oxford-trained parliamentarian and Secretary of State to Queen Anne was their direct ancestor.

Map of Spots Visited

Sources used to discover most of the points on the map:

Team Hedges

Help us solve the mystery of who are the parents of Joseph Hedges of Monocacy! First step is to go through photos of baptism and burial records and add relevant dates to our spreadsheet so we can more easily trace family lines.

Collected Hedges Family Material

Other Links of Potential Interest

The Storming of Wallingford Castle

Hedges at Stratton St Margaret

At 3:24 in this video, from the Stratton Team Ministry website, they tell the story of the Hedges family in relation to the church. This is the first Church David & Andrew visited on their trip.

Hedges T-shirts

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